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Kaylee Page is author of children's book, Pursey's FPIES Surprise. She was a featured blogger at I-FPIES and guest blogger at Plywood People. Her essay Stillness in the Shadow can be found in It's a Good Thing Children Are a Treasure: They've Broken All My Other Ones. 

Post-graduation, Kaylee spent 10.5 months in AmeriCorps aiding those affected by natural disasters at the Red Cross Greater Carolinas Chapter. Upon returning to the mid-west she worked as Project Manager for C2 Media Productions producing curriculums for Zondervan Publishing. She later joined the team at Pomegranate Studios working on projects such as ArtPrize and 5×5 Night. Her current work is Project Manager at Start Garden; building up the start up ecosystem in the Mid West region. 

She also sits on the advisory board of the International FPIES Foundation and can be found spending her evenings at the Children's Healing Center playing with children with compromised immune systems. 

Kaylee's greatest loves are her bright-spirited daughter Bella, books, new recipes and living room dance parties. She believes in authentic and vulnerable living, lives for the moments in our day that have the ability to take our breath away and loves people's stories and their hearts more than anything in the world.