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Kaylee Page

You guys. I think Jesus was WAY cooler than the movies say he is. There is something deep, like in the very core depths of my being, that hates Jesus movies. I celebrate those who try. I honor them in my nomastaing ways, or whatever. But I don’t get it. I feel like they don’t know this Jesus. The music choice. The wardrobes? The weird fake blood  they use so as to not be Hollywood but to show gruesome to portray anything from the battles of Jericho to the passion of the Christ.

Oh gawd, and the voiceovers. There’s always some Mufasa-like voice that narrates the gaps where they don’t know how to make a transition. And for some reason I think people who try to re-create Jesus movies thought that people phycially walked and talked slower in that time, or something. Because it is so slow. And so weird. And it all just makes me uncomfortable.

Until this one time. When the channel stopped on a Jesus version I had never watched before. And something in me COULDN’T STOP WATCHING this Jesus. He was light. He was breezy. And for God’s sake, he talked and walked at a normal speed. Even more, it was almost like he was skipping. Sorta like the Scarecrow off Wizard of Oz? I don't know. Thing is, this Jesus was fun. I wanted to be around him. He was walking and joking with his friends in a way that I think was EXACTLY how Jesus walked and joked around with his friends. It wasn’t cheesy. It was authentic friendship. Comfortable. They all looked comfortabe. Like a band getting their cover photo done but goofing around the whole time while on a train track. I don’t know. You guys, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

And for the first time, I saw Jesus as someone who maybe enjoyed his life. I always understand Jesus to be serious (said in a lower voice with my chin to my chest and eyebrows down). Like all he had was a mission to dominate and control and that for 30 years he was all-battle-all-the-time.

Jesus wept.

We know this.

But Gawd, I wish one of those Bible writers would have thought to include: JESUS LAUGHED.

Because he did. I’m sure of it. And sometimes, in life, I take it far too serious and forget to laugh. I forget to be light and breezy. I forget to engage in authentic friendship. I forget to just show up with grace and peace.

You guys... I think of God as a constant invitation to live life fully. Today, may it start with adding skipping to my repertoire. Come join me, yes?