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Kaylee Page

They’re amazing. It’s so nice to meet people doing so much good in the world. I mean, I care but I’m not actually doing good.

This is what my friend said in reference to a dinner he and his wife had with another couple, in which both are involved with non-profits doing beautiful work.

Thing is, as soon as my friend said this, I got scared about how we see love. For so many years I lost myself. It was deeply rooted in the fact that I forgot this simple truth: I can do no great things, only small things with great love.

So I stopped my friend.

Wait, wait. I said, I want to just say something real quick. I lost myself. For lots of years I forgot what love looked like. I thought that if I wasn’t part of a mission or an organization “doing the good” then I was somehow not part of the Jesus movement. But God is love. So every time you are kind to your wife, every time you help a coworker, every time you invest into anyone, anyway, anyhow, it’s just as good. It’s ALL part of the movement.

Bringing a pan of lasagna to a family who just lost a loved one is just as holy as spending a day at your local food pantry.

Coloring with your daughter at the dinner table is just as good and true as mentoring at your nearby neighborhood elementary school.

Spending an entire coffee conversation with a friend reminding them of God’s mercy and grace when they think they are unworthy or unlovable is just as much sharing the gospel as standing on a church platform speaking to hundreds.

Organized good is good.

But little acts of good are just as good.

Let’s not forget.